First time parents Pomona and Frank Ramos hold and look at their baby
First time parents Pomona and Frank Ramos hold and look at their baby
First time parents Pomona and Frank Ramos with baby Nellie Ramos. Through careful planning, the couple were able to safely welcome baby Nellie into the world on September 8, 2020.

The result for one couple: A safe delivery and a happy, healthy baby

Pomona and Frank Ramos were thrilled when they learned in January 2020 that they were pregnant with their first child. But even as they began their joyful journey, they knew they would be facing some obstacles.

It was during this time that COVID-19 cases were beginning to increase in the U.S. “It being our first pregnancy, we were nervous about contracting the virus ourselves,” Pomona recalls. “But we were also nervous about how we were going to deliver the baby.”

Feeling safe with their decision

The couple took all the necessary precautions to keep themselves protected from the virus—from sanitizing everything brought into their home to leaving their home only when necessary.

For any pregnancy concerns, they knew that they could easily turn to Pomona’s OB-GYN at Beverly Hospital, Yu Chen, MD, for quality care and answers.

“Dr. Chen was in constant contact and was readily available for all the questions I had,” Pomona says. “As a first-time mom, I didn’t know what to expect from my body, and Dr. Chen regularly checked on my status.”

Pomona and Frank took multiple COVID-19 tests with negative results during Pomona’s pregnancy. Although they originally contemplated delivering their baby at home—they were worried they might contract the virus at the hospital—the Ramoses decided to deliver at Beverly. They believed it was a safer option should any complications arise, as the hospital’s expert team would be able to immediately assist them.

“To give birth at the hospital seemed more cautious, and we’re glad we took this route. It was also reassuring to deliver at Beverly since they tested us before my induction, they monitored visits and, most important, the maternity ward is its own area.”

Pomona Ramos

Beverly Hospital has safety precautions in place to protect patients, including:

  • Screening every person—patients and employees—for coronavirus symptoms before they enter the hospital.
  • Triaging and treating COVID-19 patients in dedicated units separate from other patients.
  • Having restricted visitor guidelines.

Pomona Ramos holds her baby and stands next to her OBGYN, Yu Chen, in hospital room
Pomona Ramos, baby Nellie Ramos, and Yu Chen, MD.

Meeting Baby Nellie

On Sept. 8, 2020, at 4:52 a.m., the Ramos family welcomed baby Nellie into the world. She weighed in at 8 pounds and 10 ounces and measured 20 inches long.

The first few moments after Nellie’s birth were met with suspense as Dr. Chen and the nurses worked to ensure she was breathing. But soon the sweetest sounds were heard from Nellie, and she was placed in her mother’s arms.

“It was the most beautiful feeling to hold in my arms our child made from pure love,” Pomona recalls. “With joy and with God’s blessing, the result was our beautiful baby, Nellie, who melts our heart.”

During the remainder of Pomona’s stay, Beverly Hospital’s maternity team provided attentive care and expert guidance to the family. Within a few days, the Ramos family were on their way home with a healthy and happy baby girl.

“The staff treated us very well as first-time parents,” Pomona says. “They worked fast and were very communicative concerning our baby girl’s needs. They made sure to provide us with new parenting information, and they also gave us a going home care package for our baby girl.”

Are You Expecting A Baby?

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