2 hikers standing in a forest
2 hikers standing in a forest
As you enjoy the outdoors this summer, remember to take great care and prevent common joint injuries.

Summer means being outside, going to the beach, hiking, playing sports or going for a swim in the local pool. However, while staying active and getting some sun is great for your health and well-being, summer sports and activities can bring with them any number of injuries. Dr. Erik Dworsky, Fellowship Trained and Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon on staff at Beverly Hospital in Montebello, lists a few summertime injuries that are quite common.

Swimming Injuries

Although swimming and diving injuries are rare, they are the most tragic because they can result in paralysis, according to Dr. Dworsky. When diving into a pool or the ocean, “Know how deep the water is before diving and generally people should jump and not dive into that body of water,” he states. Unless you are a year-round swimmer, chances are if you commit to a swimming routine only in the summer, you can experience injures. The most common orthopedic swimming injuries have to do with overuse – particularly in the hips and shoulders. Rotator cuff in the shoulders and labral tears in the hips result from straining and repetitive use. Ensure you use proper form and are warmed up before doing laps.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

That dull ache in the shoulder joint means you may have a rotator cuff issue. The group of muscles and tendons surrounding your shoulder joint comprise the rotator cuff, which is responsible for securing the upper arm bone within the shoulder socket. Repeated activity that involves an overhead motion – not only from sports but also painting, raking, or doing any summertime handywork – may cause injury. Be aware that the possibility of rotator cuff injuries increases with age.

Other Types of Injuries

Whole body injuries can occur when individuals are distracted while they are walking, hiking or bike riding Dr. Dworsky states. “My advice is to look up and be aware of your surroundings,” he said. “If you need to do something on your phone, step out of the flow of traffic.”

In addition, in recent years, more focus has been placed on preventing injuries associated with home improvement work, such as ladder injuries. He explains, “People tend to go outside in the summer and do a lot of home improvement activities and people falling from ladders is a common cause of injury to the foot and ankle and sometimes to the spine, as well.” When using a ladder, it is recommended to stay off the top of the ladder, fix the ladder on a sturdy surface, extend the ladder fully so it is stable and avoid using extension ladders.

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