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Graphic detailing "Don't Delay Emergency Care" with ER physician in PPE smiling at patientBeverly Hospital wants community members to know that the Emergency Care Center remains open and continues to see non COVID-19 patients. “It’s important for people to know that the emergency department at Beverly Hospital continues to be open 24/7, 365.” states Joseph Chan, MD – Medical Director of the Emergency Department.

People should not hesitate to come to the hospital if they’re having a true emergency. Delaying emergency care may escalate the severity of treatable conditions. “If a person is having chest pain, severe abdominal pain or any other health issue, don’t wait. Come into our Emergency Care Center to be taken care of. You don’t want something that is treatable to become a life threatening health condition,” said Dr. Chan.

We understand that there are concerns about coming to the Emergency Care Center and possibly contracting COVID-19 from other patients. Beverly Hospital is ensuring safety by having the following procedures in place:

    • Screening potential COVID-19 patients and keeping them separated from others
    • Using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPEs) including masks, gloves, face shields and gowns to protect the health of our patients, visitors, medical staff and employees
    • Stressing the use of appropriate hygiene including hand washing and disinfecting
    • Expediting people’s care in and out of the emergency department

Beverly Hospital’s emergency medical staff are here to safely evaluate, treat, stabilize, and take care of those with healthcare needs whether they have COVID-19 or not. Help us help you by listening to your body’s needs and coming in for emergency care.

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