Close up shot of physician and child making a heart with their hands
Close up shot of physician and child making a heart with their hands

Beverly Hospital has received recognition as an Emergency Department Approved for Pediatrics (EDAP) facility. An EDAP facility is licensed by the County of Los Angeles to receive pediatric patients through the 911 system. There are only 40 hospital emergency rooms in Southern California that meet the stringent requirements necessary to receive EDAP certification.

The Los Angeles County EDAP program was implemented in June of 1985 by the Board of Supervisors to improve the process of monitoring the quality of care given to children and to ensure that emergency rooms have the proper equipment and training for physicians and nurses. In addition, to qualify for the program, hospitals must also pass an on-site review and inspection of their ER by staff from the Department of Health Services.

Beverly Hospital has a program of continuous improvement in place to constantly review and upgrade pediatric readiness. The hospital’s Emergency Care Center (ECC) provides children with specially trained physicians and nurses in-house 24/7. Nancy Lee, Senior VP Operations/CNO states, “We have specialized pediatric equipment and require ongoing pediatric education for our clinical staff. However, it is the efforts of our physicians and staff that produce the high level of care provided in our ECC.”

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